Wednesday, August 8, 2012


"Wisdom calls out...
She takes her stand on top of the high hill
where the paths meet...
Listen to me...
Hear instruction and be wise
Do not ignore me...
Whomever finds me finds life and favor from the Lord,
All those who hate me love death" 
Excerpts from Proverbs 8

We have all been at the cross-roads; sometimes the paths are marked clearer than others for which direction is the wise path and which is the obvious wrong path.  Reading a Proverb a day gives an opportunity to absorb some of God's wisdom, that He says has been around longer than the dust of the Earth.  His wisdom has existed as long as He has - forever.  Why, then, do we so often think we know better than Him?  Why do we assume a little trip down the wrong path will not entail the same consequences for us as it has for so many others?  There are times the outward appearance of that assumption is true, but that is never the case with a true Christ-follower.  The Lover of our soul loves us far too much to allow sin and wrong choices to not impact us; whether those consequences are external for others to see or internal shouldn't matter, we need to be obedient and return to Him.  

Often there is one huge obstacle that must be moved from our way prior to that return - US!  Our pride is so thick sometimes that we cannot see God speaking to us.  Take David for instance, thankfully, his pride was dissolving as God sent Nathan to confront him about his sin.  What was David's initial response though?  PRIDE - 2 Samuel 12:5, "David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, 'As surely as the LORD lives, that man deserves to die!"  Can't you picture it?  David being upright and lauded all these years for his obedience and closeness with God, if anyone, he had the right to judge and condemn someone!  The problem is, just like David, the recipient of the hard to swallow confrontation, he had to then evaluate himself, just as Nathan had done prior to delivering this message from God.  Nathan was obedient, now it was time for David to chose once again which road to take, the wise one (humility)- repenting and deciding to grow closer in his relationship with the Lord once again, or the wrong one (pride)- defending himself, condemning Nathan for his audacity to approach him, killing and slandering him by spreading word of his audacity to approach the king.  I am so thankful David chose the wise, humble path, he heard the voice, obeyed, and found life and favor from the Lord once again.

What about you?  Just as a child grows into maturity, parents and other influences are strategically placed within their life to guide them, correct them at times, rebuke them at times, comfort them at times...and confront them at times.  Before lashing out in defensiveness and anger, take the information before God, He is the One who knows our heart inside and out and can perform the perfect evaluation.  Maybe 97% of what was said is off base, but there is 3% right on target, but you are too proud to accept.  Ask the Lord to reveal whatever percentage is true.  That goes along with compliments as well.  Unfortunately many people are quick to fill a person's sails with fluff.  Make sure it lines up with what God truly knows about you as well.  Lastly, if the approaching person is a Christian brother or sister in Christ, do your best to not backlash them.  They are your eternal sister or brother, if we are fighting or biting at one another, why would onlookers care to have this 'Christianity' that we have?  Every action matters, every word matters...I pray this was an encouragement to you today and that your day is a blessed one!

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