Wednesday, August 8, 2012


"Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature; 

and in favor with God and all people" 

Luke 2:52

Have you ever (or know anyone else who has ever) desired to change an aspect about themselves?  Whether to physically get in shape, learn something new like sewing, going back to school, learn more about the Bible, do or even attempt to complete a Bible study?

How many times have you attempted this and shortly after felt like a failure because you haven't succeeded in the manner you thought you should?  You start walking so you can lose weight, but you find yourself compensating by eating more, defeating yourself in the process; purchase a new sewing machine, thread, fabric, designs - then six months down the road when you see it sitting in the corner, you cringe at the thought of money wasted on the new dust catchers (unfortunately, these are personal examples!).

We have all been there! But there is one thing we need to keep hidden in our hearts - we are who God created us to be...and He loves us too much to leave us the same.  He desires for us to wisdom, stature, in favor with people, but most of all in favor with Him, just like His Son, Jesus did.

Stop beating yourself up, pick up His Word, immerse yourself in it daily, and continue to get back up!  Proverbs reminds us that although we will fall from time to time...we MUST get back up! 

Proverbs 24:16 
"Though a righteous man falls seven times,
 he rises again,
but, the wicked are brought down by calamity."

Have a blessed day!