Monday, March 5, 2012

Learning and Studying

What are you currently studying?  
This may seem like a loaded question...
or possibly you may see it as a vague question....
can you specify the question please!

The bottom line is that we are all continuously in the state of learning...what you are learning makes up many different elements.  For example, just the other day I 'relearned' some history as I assisted my children in studying for their 9-weeks tests.   I am learning that just because potty training for my first five children went fairly smoothly, my circumstances are totally different with little number six...and pull-ups (that I used to fuss about people using) have become one of my best friends!  And I am learning about about my children, as individuals, daily.  As my girls and I played with the Mary Kay Virtual Makeover, I learned that my oldest is much like me - stays pretty safe in the zone of appearance...but Whoa, baby, my spunky little 7 year old...she is the one who will most likely want to dye her hair black (or silver!) with purple streaks when she's a teenager!

 I am in school at Liberty University, studying for my Masters in Management and Leadership, I have been learning about international business, organizational behavior...and a whole lot about myself as I have had to do nearly 50 personality assessments and write papers on the results of those assessments! (Leave a comment if you would like me to send you the link!) Now that was learning I didn't really want to do - but through that, God showed me the strengths He gave me, as well as those corresponding weaknesses He wants to work IN me.  Remember, He is in the process of making us perfect...He will not just leave us where we are!  :-) But, as I am learning in the Beth Moore study on James, of course we will not ever be perfect until we are with Him. 

Now...of those objectives above I am currently learning about...which ones am I studying?  Your first response may bed regarding my schooling and the Beth Moore study...but look deeper...

I am studying my girls when we spend quality time together, I am studying myself when I realize inconsistencies with 'how I used to do things', I am studying along with my children as I help them prepare for things in life - both for educational school and the school of life.

As we grow up, we aren't supposed to stop learning, yet many have that mentality.  The same is so true for our Spiritual life.  We should always be growing, learning....intentionally studying something new!  READ A BOOK, read a friend's blog, be proactive...what goes in those eyes and ears will affect you,  wouldn't it be wise to be intentional about what goes in then?

I pray you have a blessed day, and I would LOVE to hear what you've been studying and learning lately!  Maybe it's something someone else need to know as well!

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