Thursday, March 15, 2012

Superhero Dreams...

You Mean I am NOT One Already?!

Welcome to Hearts at Home's Third-Thursday Blog Hop!  You have entered NTense Focus, where God has laid on my heart to do my part in showing this world that there is but One God...He's available 24/7...He is the Answer to every problem imaginable...and He is the Giver of all things Good!

I will be breaking off a bit today, however, to incorporate my love for my Savior with today's Blog Hop Topic:

If I could have a superhero power for my 'motherhood' duties...what would it be?
       Well, to be quite frank, I often think of myself as


- able to take down any quarrels that may threaten the happiness of my family
- ready and fully equipped to handle all sicknesses that come my way
- godly enough that none of my kids will ever stray because they had a great example
- energetic enough to endure 5 out of my 6 children playing ball related sports at one time
- smart enough to make sure my kids do well in school - surpassing all others
- organized enough to add spontaneously planned gatherings at my house
- pretty enough that other moms look at me and wonder - how does she do it all...

Then I wake up

I am none of those things above...I may bare a slight resemblance from time to time, but that, my friend, is ONLY by God's grace! In reality, I am just barely scratching the surface of any one of those things! (Especially looking good...did I forget to put make-up on!?) Ha!

When the movie The Incredible's came out, I was awestruck!  The producers, in my humble opinion, did a marvelous job in 'labeling' each person within the family; I thought there for awhile that they had taken notes on my family prior to making the movie!  Let's break-down the character list real quick...

Bob Parr "Mr. Incredible" - In his youth, he was an all-star, helping people, creating a better community for all concerned.  Then, when the government took away his pride and contribution...his gift, he became down-trodden with purposelessness.  A terrible place to be.  He wanted to so badly to have a purpose that he resorted to hiding his good deeds, and being perceived as selfish!  Then, when someone truly needed him, he jumped at the opportunity, he had purpose back..this effected his health, his mood, his...romantic life, his relationships, everything about him seemed improved.  But, alas, he still held a secret, which ended up putting his family in danger, and his wife and children had to come assist him in saving the day.

Helen Parr "Elasti-Girl" - This woman has a gift we all have to some degree...she stretches so far, you are almost certain she will break, then she regroups...pulling herself all back together!  I will never forget shortly after watching this movie, I was reaching in the back seat to help my third child find her paci, and my son exclaimed, "Mommy, you are Elasti-Girl"!  How true is that, though!  We stretch physically, yes, but emotionally, relationally, and in any other potential way!

Violet - She is the typical teenage young lady...moody with raging hormones, butting her will against that of her superiors, striving to find herself in the midst of the world around her, while at the same time, trying to hide herself from the world as well.  When she begins to figure out who she is from within, how much of an asset she is to those around her, she emerges from the shell she placed herself within, ready for the next challenge, because she now has confidence that she can face it.

Dash - If you have seen this movie, the name certainly says it all!  What 6-10 year old boy does this name NOT fit!?  He dashes from place to place...seeking adventure OUT!  When he find true adventure, he can't seem to get enough.  He is amazed to see and embrace the true identities of his family - that they are no longer trying to suppress.

Jack-Jack -  The darling, dear baby that apparently has no powers, until one day (while the family is away and he has a baby sitter) he becomes a 'Little Monster'!  Hmmm, once again, this sounds vaguely familiar to me!  He fumes with fire one minute, then is stubborn as a lead weight the next!  Again, I say, a familiar scene!

The reality is, when we know and trust God - in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Friend - we do have superpowers!  Our weaknesses are His strengths, He is strong FOR US!  What a blessed place to be!

I pray you have encouraged by this comparison!  Feel free to come back and visit sometime, I would love if it if you decided to follow my blog!  I am not as consistent in writing as I would like; therefore, I will not promise to have a blog a day, week, or even one a month.  But this I WILL promise; when God lays something on my heart to say whether a couple words or a couple hundred words, I will do what He calls me to do!

 Have a blessed day!

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