Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming Friday!

Hey!  This Friday  I will be introducing something new on my blog!  It will be called:


I have to give credit to my husband's cousin-in-law, Wende, for the name.  She has been trying to encourage me to write a book called 'Fripp's Flops', since we have such a large family, and so many funny things happen all the time!  This is the beginning stages, thanks, Wende!

I will be sharing a humorous story/event from our family (most likely something funny one of the boys have done!)  And, with it being a blog hop, I will be encouraging you, if you have a blog, to write a funny story from your family or just something you have heard, so we can all end our weeks/begin our weekends on a good note!

God's word has a lot to say about laughter, and even more to say about fellowship - we live in a cyber-world, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't interact with one another!  I hope and pray you start thinking now for what story you may be able to share with all our readers!  I can't wait to read them!

Until then, have a BLESSED day!

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