Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is Your Window Cracked?

Oh, goodness!  This post was started back in 2010 while I was working on my Bachelor's of Business Finance...oh how I remember the evening like it was yesterday!

I had been working diligently on a paper (much like today).  The kids were outside playing in the back yard, and we didn't have a fence up yet, so while I worked in the office, I had the window open, ensuring I could count voices of my then 5 children playing back there (the sixth one was not old enough to play in the back, I'm sure he was sleeping in my room!)  So, life went on that day, everyone came in, ate supper, took baths, and got nestled into bed...except me.  I returned to the office so I could put the finishing touches on my paper.

I began to notice that little crawly and flying bugs were all over everything!  I was not simply grossed-out, I was frustrated!  I kept thinking, what is wrong with this house that all these bugs are in here!  I mean, sure they are little, but they are nasty!  I couldn't concentrate, I literally felt like they were crawling all over me, in my hair, up my legs, on  my arms, on my back.  I was itching and flinging at my hair too much to even pay attention to the task at hand!

So, I gave up, threw up my hands and went to take a shower and go to bed.  The next morning, I crept into the office to see what may have become of it overnight.  There were dead night bugs all over the place! 
Then, I felt a slight breeze...I had left the window cracked...oops.

God spoke gently to me that morning, because I had zoomed through the morning, not stopping to speak to Him.  He said to me, "See what waits at the window for you when you accidentally leave it cracked?"  Frustration, aggravation, and ultimately death.  Things that don't matter in the eternal scope of life. 

When I leave my heart cracked open for anything other than the things of God, that is what I receive. 

But when I start my day off with Him, seek Him through my day, and rely on Him for all the day will hold, He seals any cracks.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing.
Fix your thoughts on what is
true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.
Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. 
Philippians 4:8

I pray this encouraged you today, and maybe made you laugh a little.  When is the last time you left a window cracked?  :-)  Have a blessed day!

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