Saturday, January 28, 2012

Getting Attention

I recently initiated a conversation with someone whom I consider to be "famous", and we began chatting.  She is a great leader among women, specifically Christian women.  She and her ministry has had a major impact on my growth as a Christian woman, wife, and mom.  Then couple days ago, another woman (whom I admire) posted on Facebook how incredibly excited she was because she received a letter from someone who had greatly impacted her Christian walk.  When someone we deem "famous" looks our way, we feel special, if what we are doing actually matters

I was celebrating with this sweet sister in Christ as I read the letter and comments, and then my Lord whispered something in my ear,

"Do you consider Me 'famous'?" 

He reminded me of how excited I was to be in a conversation with this woman a couple days before, and what my reaction was...I text a few close friends (in all CAPS, mind you) who I was currently chatting with and what we were chatting about.  I wanted - no, needed - someone to know I was getting attention from someone "famous".

But how many times do I walk right passed my Bible, my notebook, my opportunities to spend time with the most famous One of all?  When He reveals something to my heart or when I finally do sit down with Him, am I delighted that all of His attention is on me...or do I take it for granted?

Please do not misunderstand the meaning of this post, I was (and still am) excited for the conversation I had with my "famous" friend, and I am so very proud for my other friend...but God put things in perspective for me that day...these are mere men/women...HE is the One working through them.

I pray I do not get side-tracked so that I lose focus on what has drawn me to revere her in the first place.  I am drawn to this woman and influence because my God is using her in a mighty way.  I long to be used by Him, but I would shudder to think anyone would get so excited for talking to me.

Evaluate who you consider to be "important or famous" in your life...make sure you identify the root of why you look up to it because of the Man behind the skin?  Is it Christ you see in them?  Celebrate that, for goodness sake, TELL THEM THAT!  But please, please, do not put the mere man/woman on a pedestal...that will be setting them up to fall.  Instead, cover them in prayer, and remember, you already hold the undivided attention of the most famous, most loving One there is...Christ Himself.

Have a blessed day!

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