Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank You

Thank You, Jesus, for a full belly tonight.  Thank You, Lord, for the number of places I have to lay my head to sleep tonight.  Thank You, Father, for a roof over my head to sheild me from the bugs, wild animals, reptiles, and any potential rain.  Thank You, Holy Spirit, for softening my heart through these past few days as I realize how insecure I am in me, but how extremely confident I can be in YOU.  Thank You, for loving me when I am so unlovely, for providing me with a husband that blesses my soul in ways I could never describe, and the children we are so blessed to have...their varying designed each of us with a purpose that only we can ful-fill.  Open our eyes, Lord, I plead, that we may see the design you have for us.  We need not wait 10 years to do Your will...just be ready and willing right now.  I am so overwhelmed by Your love and Your presence in my life.  Thank You.

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