Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I am currently reading Zig Ziglar's book, See You at the Top.  Last night as I was reading, a few sentences stuck out so much to me, I just had to come blog about them!  Read them, then allow them to sink in for a moment...

Life is an echo.  What you send out - comes back.  What you sow - you reap.  What you give - you get.  What you see in others - exists in you...
Wow...that last sentence...well, all I can say is wow.  When you really think about this, how true is it!?  The initial thing we typically 'see' in someone is a fault.  That fault is most likely somewhere existent within us, and we hate it, which is why we are so quick to find that fault! 

What would happen if we truly treated people the way Jesus tells us to treat them?  If we searched and found an honest good thing about everyone we encounter, and then compliment them on that good thing?  How much could that change our world!? (And theirs!)

Think about this today as you go about your normal agenda...the people you encounter, God made them just like He did you...they started out in life as an innocent baby, just like you.  We are all given circumstances along life's road to grow us and give us the ability to help someone else down the road.  Those circumstances make up who God knew we would/could become, if we allow Him to be the One to work on us.  Find the good, focus on the good, leave the bad, ugly, and bitter to God to deal with...He is big enough!

Love you and have a blessed day!

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