Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When I think of the word FAITH, I envision the beautiful artwork so many great decor stores have when they display the word.  Fancy writing and typically a wonderful Scripture to follow.  While at Wednesday night church last week, Ruthie's (my 9 yr old) class created their own 'FAITH' artwork.  As the kids poured out of the classroom I began noticing these 'fancy' little half poster boards coming out of the room; the girls were ever so careful to not bump into anything lest they loose any glitter off their still wet puffy glue.  Then Ruthie walked out with her head somewhat down.  I looked in anticipation for her 'FAITH' artwork.  When we got in the truck I finally saw it.  She tossed it on the dashboard, not caring if it got messed up or not.  I told her how much I like it, and her only response was, "It's ugly."  It was obvious by her steadfastness that nothing I could say would change her mind.  So, I pondered the various Scriptures that don't just say something about faith, but actually show what faith is....and the bottom line is, faith is ugly most of the time. 

Just peruse the Great Chapter of Faith (Hebrews 11) and you will find: Abraham was called to leave everything he was comfortable with and journey to a place to be determined later, Noah was called to build a HUGE boat to save all who were willing to come in, yet no one cared - they didn't know what rain was, let alone a flood.  Noah most assuredly was mocked, ridiculed and saw his faith as ugly.  Rehab, the harlot, lived on the wall in Jericho, she helped some of the spies and hung on the words of the men that her family would be spared for helping them...when the walls came tumbling down, somehow she and her family were safe...

Seeing the word and talking about faith is easy, it is pretty, but putting it into action is difficult and down-right ugly.  I have put her artwork of FAITH on my wall in the office, because I want to remember I am called to act it out, regardless of how ugly it is. 

What will you allow God to complete this sentence with..."By faith (your name here) ________________."
I want to encourage you to read the 'Faith Chapter' and be inspired by a not-so-pretty picture of FAITH.  I am so proud of Ruthie for allowing God to work through her with this simple piece of artwork.  It has forever changed my view of FAITH.

Have a blessed day!

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