Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Joy

God never ceases to amaze me.  I am sure I've said those words before, but it is true - time and time again.  Last night the kids began writing their Christmas lists, and when they brought them to me I stood in amazement.  It is a Mama's joy and privilege to boast in the Lord about her children, and that is exactly what I am doing here as I share their letters to Santa (I would absolutely love to write it the way they did and then translate when needed, but that may take up too much time!):

From Rebekah:
Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Santa!
Jewelry box, make up, ring, little tent, seat, picnic basket for mom <3 <3 <3, cup, Christmas cover, fake phone

From Lance:
Dear Santa,
I don't care what you give me.  Thank you.
Love, Lance

From Ruthie:
Dear Santa,
I don't want you to think I am greedy, and I know that the meaning of Christmas isn't about presents.  I just wanted to show you a couple of things I would like for Christmas.  I would like a cabbage patch kid that you can brush her hair, and I would like a plastic tea set with lots of cups, lots of plates, and lots of silverware.
Love, Ruthie Fripp
PS I have been really good this year, Santa Clause.  Oh, and also Mama and Daddy don't want me to get them a present from Wal Mart, but I want to.  Please write a letter back, Sincerely, Ruthie

As they were writing their letters, they were seriously contemplating the meaning of Christmas.  Lance talked about how much we already had and that there were so many who didn't have anything, Rebekah kept thinking of things she wanted so she could give them to others (like the picnic basket for me for when we go outside to have a picnic), and Ruthie didn't want to retract from the fact that Christmas is about Christ, she wanted to make sure Santa knew that she understood this.

We are such a blessed family, and I praise God for these special moments He gives me to see a glimpse of my children's hearts!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. Jennifer,
    What an awesome story to be able to share about your children! It is a true reflection of the great parents that they have! You are right...the joy a mother receives from moments like this is priceless and only praise worthy of our Lord! Love ya!

  2. How very sweet of each of them ;)

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Ruthie is going to make me tear up! Jennifer, you and Shane have the best kids and it's all because of the wonderful job you are both doing as parents. You all are such wonderful "lights" in this world and if I am the fraction of the parent to my children that you are to yours, I will be doing good. I love you!