Thursday, October 7, 2010


Everything we do in live stems from some type of motivation.  If you want to loose weight there are a number of motivations to choose from: look better, impress someone, feel better, prove something to someone (or yourself), to become healthier, to be a better example to your children, to take better care of the dwelling place of your Lord, and the list could go on and on.  The same is true for every occurrence in life, from our educational pursuits, church attendance, and even the way we raise our children and behave within our families (spouse, parents...all apply!)

As I was out running a little bit ago (well, my posture says jog, my pace screams walking!) I just didn't feel like doing it.  I planned on doing 20 minutes, but once 15.54 rolled around I stopped.  The time came that I had evaluate why I was doing it.  If my motivation is not strong enough to compel me to push through those minutes, hours, days and months of not feeling like it, then I am doing it for the wrong reasons.

The same is true with my walk with Christ.  My walk with Christ is not to be stagnant.  "No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead," Philippians 3:13.  No matter how far we strive on this side of Heaven, we will not be complete until the day He takes us home.

Look around and outside yourself.  Who is impacting your life for Christ?  Whom are you impacting for Christ?  He gives us opportunities all the time, open your eyes to see them...then take that step and accept them.  This past weekend, the kids and I accompanied my husband on a short trip to North Carolina.  It was spontaneous, fun, and exhausting!  :-)  On our way there, we stopped at a rest stop so I could change diapers, take everyone potty, and they could play football, tag, or whatever else would help them stretch their legs and get some energy out.  While we were there, the Lord made me keenly aware of a woman with 2 little girls at an opposing picnic table.  Her daughters had on cute matching little dresses, one looked about 6 months, like my little baby, and one looked to be close to 2, like another of my children.

When Shane left to take Lance to the restroom, the little 2 year old made a B-line for our kids and the football.  I knew this was God opening the door for our kids to interact and then for us moms to interact.  And we did, we made small talk for about 5-10 minutes while the kids played, then we all left.  I missed my opportunity.  I did not talk to her about my Best Friend, Jesus.  I felt absolutely horrible has my Heavenly Father so clearly said, "Jennifer, why didn't you mention My Son?"  Numerous possibilities have flooded my soul since that encounter.  She very well could have been a Christian going through a difficult time and merely needed some encouragement.  She may not have known Him and He had her ready for the introduction, or maybe she had some words from Him to impart to me.  I will never know, but I will do my best from here on out to listen to Him when He beckons me to talk about Him.  My motivation is to obey my Father, I love Him, because He first loved me.

Take a look at your motivations today in all your actions.  Do they have the ability to stand the test of time?  Will they push you further when you don't feel like it?

May you have a blessed day!

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