Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do you know your Bible Alphabet?

We all learn our ABC's before we learn to read, and we are all pretty small when we do so...then why, after becoming Christians, do we not learn the books of the Bible or as I like to call them our Bible Alphabet? I have heard many say, it doesn't matter if I know all the books of the Bible, and you are correct, you can be a Christian and not know them, but how are you growing? You can know only certain letters of the alphabet and still know what c-a-t spells, but what if you don't know the letter 'x'? It isn't used much, but it is still important to our language and reading abilities to further our knowledge as we grow our mind during schooling....Think about it...when a child first learns their ABC's, how do they do it? YES! With a song (I know it is stuck in your head now!) Now, this part is funny, but how long does the typical child think 'lmnop' is one letter?! :-)
When I truly began growing as a Christian, that was a priority to me, I didn't want to have to thumb back to the contents page to find out where Titus is in the Bible, I want to have enough understanding of His word that I can flip fairly close to it and if I get to Hebrews...which direction do I turn? Hmmmm, how many of us know that one? If you want to go to the letter 'F', and you get to 'H', which direction do you need to go? God states in His word numerous times the importance of knowing His word, check out Deuteronomy chapter 6, 2 Peter chapter 1, there are so many I can in no possible way write them all out here!
I have attached 3 small clips...they are marked as video clips, but they are only audio. What is included are bits of the song I learned for the Old Testament. Each clip is 15 seconds long (sorry, my camera doesn't take clips any longer than that!) I am not sure of the tune for the Old Testament, but in part 2 of this, I will post the New Testament and that song is to the tune of 1-Little, 2-Little, 3-Little Indians. Some great friends and mentors taught these to me years ago and I feel it is my duty to pass them along. (If I am ever able to do them in better quality and better voice, I will!!) Have a blessed day, and remember to learn your ALPHABET! :-)

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