Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Bible Alphabet Part 2

Okay, how many of you are saying 'danielhoseajoelamosobadiah' like 'lmnop'? That is where my kids run them together the most and after awhile we have to slow it wwaayy down! :-) I know it is very 'kiddy' to learn a song to recall the books of the Bible, but if it works - DO IT! Songs or hand motions are how I learn about all my verses, it worked when I was little and still does!

Now, here are the 2 clips for the New Testament song, remember, it is to the tune of 1-Little, 2-Little, 3-Little Indians:

I hope and pray these are helpful to you as they have been for the past 9 years for me! We sing them in the truck, or around the house just like we do the regular alphabet song, the more we sing them, the greater the liklihood of the tune and the words sticking! (I even sing them sometimes in church when I am going to a certain book of the Bible!)

In Christ,

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  1. Love the song! Great learning tool...thanks for sharing!