In 2006, while attending a Hearts at Home Conference in Bloomington, Illinois, God spoke directly to my heart; informing me of His desire to use me and the events He has allowed in my life as a tool for His dearly loved children.  He has been using me in a variety of ways, but two specifically, speaking and writing.

Therefore, my Mission (in addition to being a wife and mom) is to spread the Good News of Christ by sharing with others my stories.  It is a delight and privilege to do so, and I make every effort for each opportunity!  Here's a little information about those two avenues:

 By Speaking...

I have been speaking about God's grace through the experiences He has given me since 2008, and am continually blessed and encouraged as I am able to witness first-hand how His love transforms lives!

Topics I currently speak about include, but are not limited to:



-Military Life of a Woman 
(as an Active Duty Member and a Dependent)

-Spiritual Growth



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By Writing...

Obviously, I have been writing intermittently for awhile now, but God has encouraged me to 'step-it-up'.  I have recently begun writing a book on the faithfulness of God.  It is still very much in the infancy stage, but I look forward to sharing it with you as it comes closer to fruition - so keep you eyes open!