Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Calling All Ladies!

Hello Ladies (specifically in the Ellaville, GA area) :-)

A few of us have been in dire search of a time/place of when we can begin getting together regularly again for fellowship, encouragement, prayer, and study...and now that we have an excellent little eat-in diner in about Sherry's Restaurant!?

Beginning Next Wednesday (5/8/13), we will meet at Sherry's Restaurant at 6AM (I know it is early, but some ladies have quite a drive to get to work and would like to be included as well) - If 6 is a No-Way time frame, please get in touch with me and we will try to work out a better time frame.  I would love to have as many ladies as we can, but especially those who stretching themselves to come! :-) 

I really hope to see you all there - and bring a friend!

Have a blessed day!


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