Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Firsts and Lasts

This past week has been a crazy one-well I suppose anyone would say this life time frame is such. Six children, four of which are currently enrolled in school...and well...It’s SPRING!!  A great time of reflection of the past and new beginnings.  Softball/baseball/T-ball season has officially been kicked off and is in full swing around here…not to mention we have a Spring Soccer League this year as well – All 6 of my children are actively engaged in one sport or another:

(2) – 3/4 T-ball
(1) – 5/6 T-ball
(1) – 7-9 Softball
(1) 9-10 Baseball
(1) 10-11 Soccer
This is my youngest (3-year old) first year in rec ball, and likely my eldest (11-year old) last year.  Firsts and Lasts are so exciting….scary…yet weirdly common.  If you really think about it, how many first experiences do we have?  First steps, first tooth, first haircut, first day of school…for each grade, first date, first kiss, and the list goes on and on!  Then there are the lasts….the last day of school…for each grade, the last game, the last day of ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!  That last one is the fiercest for me that is quickly approaching.  My baby girl, growing up.

When those words slip from my lips, first...last, two similar words spring to my mind: Alpha...Omega.  He is not only the first and the last, He is the only thing in my life that is consistent.  There will never be an end with Him, only different seasons of my life, and differing degrees of my usefulness to Him.  Unfortunately, I am not consistent.  I would like to be - oh goodness would I like to be! But I am human; emotions and life circumstances take over at times and I look up to realize I have missed numerous opportunities to be His hands, feet, mouth, or ear.  

During this Spring season, I am committing to reflect more on Christ with each first and last I cherish.  After all, it is only through His goodness that I am able to encounter those experiences.

Have a blessed day!


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