Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Current Christian Behavior: Is it Christ-Like?

I am well aware this post will be very controversial, even among some strong Christian leaders; however, the Lord has not allowed my spirit to rest.  My duty is to obey, so please know that every word written is done so with humility and much prayer - for God to impart to every reader what He wills.

As I have been looking at the news feed on my Facebook page, my heart has been hurting over the consumption of hate and bickering going back and forth between Christians and non-Christians alike.  It all really starting snowballing after Chick-Fil-A's President responded to the public and confirmed his stance on gay marriage, and it has certainly spiraled since. ( Please allow me to pause to affirm and applaud Mr. Dan Cathy for remaining firm on his beliefs, and I will certainly continue eating there.) After seeing the "Left" calling for boycotts, I began noticing the uproar coming from the Christian community.

The Lord really began pricking my heart, and I didn't quite understand why; of course, as many know, our lack of understanding doesn't quiet the Lord's urging.  The response of the Christians continued to gnaw at me; comments about how ridiculous it was that people would boycott because of personal beliefs and the like reminded me of a time not very long ago when Christian leaders were urging believers to boycott other privately owned businesses because they gave money that supported anti-Christian values like planned parenthood.  If Christians call out for a boycott, why is it wrong when others call out for one for a company that supports the opposite of their striving? Why are we expecting the unbelieving world to behave and have the moral compass of a Christ-follower?  In the end, with both calling for a boycott, which one is representing Jesus...or is either?

If Jesus were walking among us, would He call for a boycott because the unsaved board of XYZ Company makes a decision to support and advocate for gay marriage or planned parenthood?  (Again, I am in no way, shape or form advocating these agendas, I am simply attempting to remove the Christian-culture glasses for you for a moment.)  In Jesus day, what would such a scenario as this look like?  If you immediately thought of Jesus throwing the vendors out of the temple (Matthew 21:12; John 2:14-16), I must disagree.  Look, instead, at Matthew 9:10, Mark 2:15, Luke 5:29 & 30...what do you see here?  Did Jesus boycott the tax collectors?  No.  He dined with them, He befriended them, built a relationship with them, and eventually saved them.

The current Christian behavior saddens me, and I am very often guilty of it as well.  Christ did not die for the sins of whole world so that we can live within a Christian bubble.  Think about it, who stepped out of their bubble to share Him with you?  If you still cannot see where I am coming from, I will give you a very practical and local example.  When is the last time your church threw a baby shower for a non-member; that is virtually unheard of!  As I said before, I am not saying to not support believers, I am eating at Chick-Fil-A later today, August 1st, in support of them, as believers rally together to support one another as we should.

I mentioned before that I am often guilty of the Christian bubble mentality...He is slowly and steadily moving me out of it.  When we have a Christian bubble mentality, we are often saying the words, "I'll never...I would never..."  Be careful, many, if not most of the the "nevers" I have said the Lord has given me the opportunity to be tested in, some, by the grace of God I have passed, but many I have failed and had to retest.  He does not demand perfection, but humility and progress. 

There is a story found in Luke 18:10-14 about the prayers of two men: the Publican and the Pharisee.  One approached God, thanking Him that he wasn't too bad of a guy; the other, unable to even look up, beat his chest and begged God for forgiveness for such a sinner as himself...which one are you?  I am too often looking at this fallen world, those unbelieving leaders, and thanking God I am not like them, rather than reflecting on how far from perfect I am, and begging the Lord to not give up on me, but to continue testing me - using me.

I pray the Lord spoke to you through this post, and that each word was accepted with the humility it was written in.  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.  Have a blessed day!


  1. Amen, Jenn! Agree full-heartedly!

  2. Amen. Thanks for your obedience in sharing this.

  3. Yea, It broke my heart when I saw a sign of a "Chick fil a" cow holding a sign saying God hates fags. I really believe the only way to understand Truth is read it.