Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday's Fripp-Flop Blog Hop

We need to laugh in and AT life from time to time. So, beginning today, I am going to do a weekly Blog Hop intended to help make you smile!

After all, laughter does the heart good like a medicine, and if we can't laugh at the world around us, we are going to be pretty miserable!

 To follow along and add your own Fripp-Flop story, click the link above! I can't wait to read all the funny stories!

My Fripp-Flop story today is from our most recent trip to Illinois for the Hearts at Home Conference:

 My sweet 'Spiritual Mom' watched my three youngest boys so I could go, and the evening before I finished my drive to Bloomington, some friends from the church there stopped by to see us. My friend, Amber, was playing with the boys (4, 3 and almost 2 yr olds); of course, they were all over the floor rough-housing. At one point, Amber said, "Whew! I am pooped!" Then Coy, my three-year old piped up and said (rather sarcastically) "Then go POTTY!" I have not laughed that hard in a long time! I pray you join in as we share our stories and laughter with one another...remember, keep it 'clean' and have a blessed day!

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