Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have You Ever?

Last night, the Lord took me back a few years ago when I had the undeserved privilege to walk along side a sister in Christ and help her clear out her husbands closet - just a couple weeks after burying him. 

In the midst of her heart ache and pain, my heart was begging God to tell me the answer to her 'Why' questions so I could help alleviate some of her pain.  We all know how that turned out, though.  The only answers He provided to me to pass to her was, 'Trust Him, draw close to Him, allow Him to comfort you.'

Have you ever been called to comfort a friend in such dire circumstances?  The loss of a child, the dissolve of a marriage, the loss of a job, the terrible heart ache of betrayal from a close friend...

It is so important that we, as trusted companions in Christ, do NOT lean on our own understanding of these times, but our actions and our words point to the One who HAS all the answers.  I know He doesn't always share the answers with us right away, but He gives what is needed for the moment.  I pray you are walking closely with Him today.  Have a blessed day,

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  1. Nice post, Jennifer. What a good friend you are, and your words are so true. Thanks for sharing, and I hope that your day is blessing filled, as well.