Monday, June 20, 2011

The Importance of YOUR Story


"Instead, you must worship
Christ as Lord of your life.
And if someone asks
about your Christian hope,
always be ready to explain it. "
1 Peter 3:15 NLT

The Lord laid on my heart a while back about writing different books....I have written down the ideas, started them, then allowed them to drift off into the world of the unfinished.  I was gotten onto about that today...and the buck stops here.

I have been called and I will pursue His call, persevere in His call, and accomplish what He has called me to do.  Whether it turns out to be just another blog post, an E-Book or a published book, I will leave those finalized details to Him.  But I am going to be faithful to answer the question about the Christian hope I have within me and submit it to the places He calls me to submit it.

Will you join me?  Leave a comment about one of your many stories, and just wait to see who may be encouraged by it!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I rededicated my life to God in Jan. 08`. Things were great! My husband proposed to me on Valentine`s Day to renew our vows onour 8 yr ann. in June 08` and of couse i said yes, so we did. In Oct. 09` Satan came in and tried to destroy my marriage. In June 09` God reconciled our marriage and in August 09` we found out we were expecting our 2nd child after trying for 7 yrs. My marriage is now stronger than ever and we are blessed with a beautiful 11 yr old daughter and a very handsome 1 yr old son who Has brought so much joy and happiness to our family! Praise God:)~Rebecca Hall

  2. That is AWESOME, Becca!
    <3 Jennifer

  3. I was 16 years old and a senior in high school when I became pregnant. That was 36 years ago, back when sex wasn’t discussed in the home or church. My parents were devout Christians and I had been raised in the church. I was devastated, wondering what I had done to my life. There were friends who recommended abortion as an option, but somehow I knew that wasn’t the answer. The decision was made to get married and have the baby. At the time, that seemed to be the thing to do and having been raised in a stable loving home, I assumed that would be perfect. What Satan can mean for bad in our lives, God can make something good, as He did in that baby girl who entered our lives. She gave me and my parents a new hope and more love than could ever be imagined. The marriage lasted only a few years and though I knew God was there, I still didn’t surrender my life to Him. There was another marriage and another wonderful son, who God blessed me with. I was trapped in living an unholy life trying to protect my children and trying to not let anyone know what was going on inside my life. That marriage ended too, 15 years ago. My daddy died and I finally realized that God was the only thing in my life dependable and that He wanted me to love and trust Him. It wasn’t an overnight thing, but gradually I got away from all the trash in my life and made commitments to God. It has been an awesome experience to feel God working. I have two wonderful children, whom I’ve very proud of, and a very special grandson, too. I married again 12 years ago, this time for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed with CML, a type of leukemia, a couple of years ago, but God has provided remission of that for the time being. My words to any who would listen are to know God. If you don’t, find someone who does and ask them to explain how much He loves you and that He can forgive all your sins through the shed blood of His son, Jesus Christ. Once you determine that God is all you need, all your needs will be met. It’s really simple; God loves you for who you are.

  4. Very powerful story, Sherry, thank you SO much for sharing!
    Love you!