Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Vision: Part 1

This is labeled part 1, because I am not sure how many parts this will entail. I want to begin to document for myself and share with others what the Lord has revealed to me as the vision for what I am thinking will be a website solely dedicated to the Lord for the encouragement and growth of families and individuals around the world. The name I am thinking of right now for the website is NTense Focus.
The time seems long gone that individuals and families focused intently on our Lord and His purpose. Everyone is caught up with the business of life and when the opportunity presents itself in a catastrophe occurs...we turn and plead with God to save us, and we promise we will never try to live lives on our own again! Does that scenario sound familiar? Read through the book of Judges and it just might.
The vision for the website I believe God is calling me to create will be a place where the whole family can come. I will do my best to explain; however, any questions for clarification, please ask because I want it to be understood! :-) The website will be a subscription website, allowing access only to those who pay for the subscription. It will not be expensive, the purpose of this is to keep out those who have malicious intent to search out Christ-centered websites and try to debate or cause havoc for the members.
The website will include message boards for people to interact with one another with subjects like prayer, family life, parenting, finances, sports, shopping, house management, etc. These will be Christ-centered subjects as well as life subjects. This message board will not be limited to 'churchy' talk, but real talk. We are people who live in the real world and need an outlet to discuss true issues.
The website will also house a memory verse section where I hope to post videos of kids or myself doing motions or songs to verses so that we can be more interactive with God's word in etching it into our hearts and the hearts of our children. My children have been as young as 18 months old doing the motions to verses, even though they don't understand what it all means, it is so essential that they begin hiding His word in their little hearts...and chances are, it will help the parents as well. There have been numerous Sunday school teachers mention to me that it was not until they begin trying to teach verses to their students that the verses actually started to be etched to their hearts. That is how it was for me! There is good reason Jesus said we must come to Him as little children.
This may be the most confusing part and I will do my best to describe it:the subscriptions will be broken into different groups. When a person subscribes, they will have the option to subscribe as an individual (as a man, woman or teen) or as a family. If the subscription is for a family, they will receive a subscription for a man, a woman, and up to 4 teens. Since women should not be confiding in men other than their husbands and vice versa, each subscription will have a message board specifically tailored to that group, as well as a cumulative message board called the Family Room where they can all mingle, share prayer requests and encouragment, etc.
I am not definite on a price yet, but am definitely looking at under $10 per month, but that will be figured out later as the time comes closer to actually getting the site up and running! :-)
So, that is the overall vision right now. As He provides more detail and direction, I will follow and will update! Any comments or suggestions would be great!
Blessings in Christ,

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